ellisThe Linnartz Immigration Law Office strives to seek and find immigration solutions for our clients, seeking results for them that are just and merciful, doing good for them and for the United States of America, which has always been a nation of immigrants.

Before 1875, American law welcomed immigrants with no restrictions.  Since then, nearly every major immigration law has further restricted the pathway into America for people seeking a better life.  Millions of people have come to this country and are living here, working, paying taxes, going to school, raising their families, but without government permission.  Millions others long to come here, while countless businesses yearn for more landscapers, computer technicians, physical therapists, auto mechanics, etc.  The Linnartz Immigration Law Firm exists to help good people – legally – achieve their American dreams.


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No lawyer can guarantee a particular result In any field of law, including immigration law.
What we can guarantee is diligence, expertise, and good judgment in advising you and taking your case to the best possible result.