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One’s immigration status is often affected by and can affect other legal aspects of life. An unwise criminal plea bargain can get you deported. Having sponsored a spouse for lawful resident status can be a serious complication if the marriage ends in divorce. Some legal rights related to inheritance, taxation, employment, and firearms are much different for citizens, lawful residents, and non-immigrants.

Our firm is highly experienced in teaching and advising other lawyers about these complex issues either to prevent problems or to solve them once they exist. Hans Christian Linnartz has testified as an immigration law expert in civil and criminal cases, and the firm has won a number of cases in immigration court and before the Board of Immigration Appeals involving this intricate interplay of immigration with civil and criminal law.

Brief consultations on such matters are free for fellow attorneys. Do not hesitate to call.

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North Carolina Court of Appeals cites and relies on expert testimony by Hans Christian Linnartz in a decision concerning immigration consequences of a criminal plea.

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