Temporary Lawful Status

The United States admits at least 170 million temporary visitors from abroad every year.  People are granted visas as:  “Visitor for business or pleasure,” “Fiancee of U.S. citizen,” “Treaty trader,” “Trafficking victims.”  Dozens of visas are designated by letters and numbers that correspond to these categories of admission.  For example, F-1 visas go to students in accredited degree programs; L-2 visas are for intra-company “specialized knowledge” transferees.  Linnartz Immigration Law can help with obtaining your visa, extending your period of stay, and changing from one category to another.

Other temporary types of status include protection for people whose countries have suffered warfare or natural disasters (TPS), temporary deferred action for unauthorized migrants who came as children and meet certain standards (DACA), and individualized “parole” entry for humanitarian reasons or immigrants who provide a significant public benefit.